­Flower Shop

One of the many places Lancer works.
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­Koushuuensaikan, Taizan

The only Chinese restaurant in Miyamachou. Ran by the mysterious Batsu-san, who adds "aru" at the end of her sentences. It is renowned for its spicy food; REALLY, really spicy food, enough to melt someone's tongue.

It is also where Kotomine eats his Mapo Tofu.
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A food stand in Miyamachou that sells taiyaki for 80 yen each. On the other hand, the stores in the verde have a better selection. It is popular among the students.
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­Mount Miyama Antique Store

An old antique store fondly named after the nearby mountain. This also happens to be where Rider works.
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­ A Monk's charm
by Deleted
Apr 9, 2012 19:48:56 GMT -6
­Volundr's Way

A newly opened blacksmith bought by Alburi for his stay in Japan. It is named after his ancestor Wayland's old Nordic name. Its a small workshop, where Al also lives. He is hoping the place isn't too out of the way, and might attract some people he can learn from as well.
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­ The Ways of the blacksmith are strange? (Issei)
by Deleted
Jan 25, 2013 19:58:52 GMT -6
­Cricket Journalism Office

A new establishment that appeared recently after a clothing store went out of business. It is a two storied building that's bigger than it looks from the front. There sure seem to be a lot of foreigners...
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Shopping Street

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Chance (Mis)Conduct [Lancer/Closed] by Tarry, Nov 24, 2014 19:46:07 GMT -6

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