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Welcome, new members and old alike, feel free to introduce yourselves here! This is a great place for new members to find links to important topics which will guide them to creating a character!
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­ Who wants jerky?
by Tohsaka Rin
Mar 12, 2018 19:22:14 GMT -6

Going to be away for a while? This is the place to state it, be it big or small if you feel that you must. This is also where you post if you're leaving the site. (though who would ever want to leave somewhere as epic as this?)
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­ Everything done broke on me
by Tohsaka Rin
Apr 6, 2022 22:14:42 GMT -6

Sub-board: Activity Checks Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


This is where site wide events, both IC and OOC are announced.
448 Comments in 152 Discussions

­ Double-Dollar Weekend [April]
by Tohsaka Rin
Apr 6, 2015 20:41:10 GMT -6

Sub-board: Old Events and Polls Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­The Knights Code

This is where the law of the land resides. Here is where you should come first before doing anything else. Read the rules and follow them.
16 Comments in 9 Discussions

­ Original Characters
by Red
Mar 24, 2016 10:54:30 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Fate Plot, Tsukihime Plot Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


Tonight at 11:00! Stay tuned to Taiga and Illya's official reports on the local status of the Nasuverse! weather disasters intended.
20 Comments in 17 Discussions

­ Site Update [02.19.15]
by Tohsaka Rin
Feb 20, 2015 2:51:06 GMT -6

Sub-board: Interviews Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


Come advertise your sites here.

­ Black Clover Shattered Grimoires
by Morty
Aug 19, 2020 16:37:59 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Family Webring, Affiliates , Directory Lists and Site Rankings Moderators:


­Shopping Street

Holds a few stores, some popular by students and a very odd Fake Priest. Two people have also been seen working here: a handsome, blue haired man and a smoking hot lavender haired beauty.
84 Comments in 7 Discussions

­ Shopping for Prana [Open to all]
by Rider Gorgon Medusa
May 21, 2015 18:40:53 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Flower Shop, Koushuuensaikan, Taizan, Edomaeya, Mount Miyama Antique Store, Volundr's Way, Cricket Journalism Office Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Fuyuki Bridge

A bright red bridge that connects Shinto and Miyama.
26 Comments in 3 Discussions

­ Black Cat Bad Luck [Rider/Closed]
by Rider Gorgon Medusa
Apr 1, 2015 20:10:48 GMT -6
­Riverside Park

A park near the riverside shore.
27 Comments in 5 Discussions

­ Crimson Wings of Sunset [Jasper/Rin]
by Caerwyn Jasper
May 8, 2015 1:40:55 GMT -6
­Homurabara Gakuen

The school that Rin, Shirou, Sakura, Shinji and others go to. Fujimura Taiga and Kuzuki Souichirou are teachers to the two senior classes of 1-A and 2-A.
63 Comments in 10 Discussions

­ Shadow Puppets, Part 1 [Saber, Emiya Shirou, Archer]
by zim1617
Jan 16, 2015 7:50:17 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Student Council Room, Shinji's Love Attempts #1-1,000 Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


Outside of the city limits lies a nice country town. It's a few miles of forest, fields, mountainous valleys, and etc. A few people live out here and are normal, nice folk.
2 Comments in 2 Discussions

­ The night routine broke
by Makoto
Mar 11, 2013 23:36:47 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Crooked-Sky Ranch, Hoshi no Jinja (Shrine of the Stars), Mizuho Hotsprings Hotel Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Matou Mansion

A three story mansion that one of the three families of magi allowed to live within the city reside. Sakura and Shinji live here alone, though Sakura is now the property owner after Matou Zouken passed away. It is a strange house full of mystery.
13 Comments in 3 Discussions

­ Give-away Servent Day 2
by Deleted
Dec 24, 2012 17:38:54 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Sakura's Room, Shinji's Room, Spare Bedroom, Eerie Basement Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Einzbern Forest

Nestled outside Fuyuki City lies a vast forest that belongs to the Einzbern family. There is a long, winding, road that reaches to a European-style castle that few know about.
9 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ The summoning of the child of the sun
by alexndr
Nov 17, 2011 18:13:32 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Einzbern Mansion, Abandoned House Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Emiya Residence

Shirou's house is protected by a Boundary Field, which will warn Shirou if an "enemy" enters. Sakura comes by most mornings and nights to cook with Shirou. Taiga often comes over to snatch a meal as well.
13 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ Summoning, 5th Grail War, Heroic Spirit Saber *New
by Deleted
Mar 22, 2013 2:35:22 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Shirou's Room, Spare Bedroom, The Porch, The Shed Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Tohsaka Manor

This residence has a Boundary Field that makes people think that it is haunted. If anyone enters, it is said that they never come out. The masters of the spiritual land of Fuyuki live here.
129 Comments in 13 Discussions

­ Drifters [Rin/Orion]
by Tohsaka Rin
Feb 29, 2016 18:08:28 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Rin's Bedroom, Basement Workshop, Sealed Basement Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Residential Area

This is where all of the normal residential neighbors are located.
52 Comments in 9 Discussions

­ Play-Date-Ground? [Rin]
by Tarry
Aug 9, 2014 1:39:44 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Haunted House, Miyama Central Apartment Complex Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Ryuudoji Temple

A temple which resides in the mountains of Miyama and attended to by devote monks. Issei lives here, but so might some other evil being...
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Sub-boards: Main Gate, Issei's Bedroom, Souichirou's Bedroom, Inner Temple, Ryuudou Forest, Mount Enzou Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


­Church on the Hill

A church that gives off an ominous feeling. Something about it is not right, yet at the same time it gives off a soothing emotion. Masters come here for information regarding the war, or to seek safety once defeated.
57 Comments in 4 Discussions

­ Drying the Stone [Kotomine / Rider]
by Rider Gorgon Medusa
Mar 13, 2015 1:15:38 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Shirou's Bedroom, Kirei's Bedroom, Catacombs, Graveyard Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Central Park

An old large forest that was the site of the last Holy Grail War. The trees here are all dead due to the negative energy released.
62 Comments in 6 Discussions

­ Iron Bound in Vines [Musashi, Desmond]
by zim1617
Mar 9, 2015 9:23:40 GMT -6

Lancer's (lost) heaven. Kiritsugu used to leave and come back to Fuyuki using the harbor.
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0 Posts

­Shops and Buildings

There are many stores and large buildings within the Shinto area. So many places to go, so many things to do.
60 Comments in 6 Discussions

­ Worries lost in the Snow [Saito]
by Tarry
Apr 21, 2014 22:19:56 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Hyatt Hotel, Kouhei Private Investigation Agency, Garan no Dou Antiques, Fancy Shop, Copenhagen, Neko-Nyan Cafe Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


A miscellaneous board where every other unmentioned place can be. This stretches from anywhere in the city (be it the river or someone's house that isn't a canon) all the way to the outskirts such as the forests that surround Fuyuki.
43 Comments in 4 Discussions

­ Let's Raise Some Hell
by zim1617
Aug 7, 2015 14:22:47 GMT -6


­Misaki High

The local highschool where Shiki, Arihiko, Ciel and Yumizuka attend.
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Sub-boards: Teacher's Lounge, Tea Ceremony Room, Kendo/Karate Club Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Misaki Central Park

A typically quiet yet popular spot of Misaki is the park beside its busy main streets, although it is rarely too busy itself. Of particular note is the small clock tower and courtyard in the back of the park which is often forgotten by Misaki’s residents, and the central and quite grandiose fountain.
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0 Posts

­Commercial District

Nearby to Misaki High, the commercial district of the town lies alongside the street sector; acting as home to a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as smaller street stalls in the noon and dusk. It’s also home to Misaki’s resident movie theatre, a popular spot for the town’s student body.
65 Comments in 7 Discussions

­ Book Moving (Saito/Invite Only)
by Deleted
Jul 29, 2014 9:16:13 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Shrine Skyscraper, Hyatt Hotel, Fujino Memorial Hospital, Tenchi Clinic, Misaki Theatre, Spade's Nest, Apartment Complex Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Small Suburbs

To the south-west of the Tohno mansion, a small suburb and apartment district where Ciel and Yumizuka live.
19 Comments in 4 Discussions

­ A Day at the Akagi household....
by Joker
Nov 20, 2014 9:45:55 GMT -6

Sub-board: Loveless Apartment Complex Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Misaki Streets

Just as the name implies, the street sector of Misaki that runs down the center of the town. It divides the residential area from the shopping areas.

­ Serenade the Dark
by Tohsaka Rin
Feb 3, 2012 0:16:36 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Shopping Street, Ryougi's Apartment Moderators:

­Back Alleys

The shady, dark, alleyways within Misaki that has a stained history of bloodshed. Shady events tend to happen here...almost all of which leave victims dead.
22 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ Scent of a New City [Church Members Only]
by Deleted
Jan 1, 2014 19:18:06 GMT -6

Sub-board: Garan no Dou Base Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Aida Church

A strange, local church, run by two nuns. It appears to have ties to the Asagami Private Girls Academy staff in some way.
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0 Posts

­Tohno Mansion

One of the only mansions in Misaki. It is a large, western-style, residence that stands out of place in the Japanese town. It gives off the impression that a rich family resides within. There happens to be a massive gate surrounding the place, and a forest off to one side.
7 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ Playing with Dolls (Satsuki/Open)
by Deleted
Jun 15, 2013 6:54:55 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Akiha's Room, Tohno's Room, Back Yard Garden, Menacing Basement, Nanaya Forest Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Warehouse District

Dilapidated warehouse buildings, once used as storage at the pier, remain. The area has been marked for demolition but squatters still live within the dangerous buildings.
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Dense forests surround the city, closing it in with straggly vegetation that never appears to be healthy. It is said that ghosts and spirits live here - and that there is even a haunted school nearby.
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Sub-board: Abandoned School Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Ikōma-yama National Forest

A dense forest that stretches from the Tohno estate and enshrouds the sacred Mt. Ikōma with mists. It is said an Oni has protected this sacred site for generations. It is also referred to as the "Forest of the Cruel King."
9 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ Forest Air (Kouma and Ren!)
by Joker
Oct 31, 2014 1:15:15 GMT -6

Sub-board: Mount Ikōma Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Bay Harbor

A harbor filled with artificial islands spanning into the inland sea between Fuyuki City and Misaki.
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Sub-boards: International Airport, Seto Island National Park Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


Any miscellaneous areas within Misaki; such as the fast food joints or other locations which exist within various portions of the town.
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Other Locations


The islands of Japan off the coast of China and the Americas.
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The landmass of Europe where you can find quite a few snotty-nosed stiffs from the Mages Association floating around.
12 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ Those tacky, white, walls now covered in red[Zell]
by Deleted
Jan 7, 2013 16:40:00 GMT -6
­Mages Association

An area of complex Boundary Fields surrounding much of London. Everyone is always spying on everyone here in some fashion or form, nothing is sacred or considered private...unless you belong to the higher-society elites...
2 Comments in 1 Discussion

­ The origin of madness (Private)
by alexndr
Aug 19, 2012 1:22:45 GMT -6

Sub-board: Clock Tower Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


A sparse, wild, country filled with all sorts of animal life and ethnic cultures.
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The United States of America. Don't be fooled about those two strange portions above and below it... the moose are trying to make you believe "Canada" exists, while the Mexican "flying-witches" are kidnapping children and taking them to South America.
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­South America

A densely populated country full of vegetation and hot climates.

Not much goes on here... or is there something more people do not see?
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­ I am the bone of my sword
by Deleted
Feb 2, 2014 6:03:53 GMT -6

Sub-board: Crystal Valley Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


­The Nasuverse

A board where RP threads can go that do not effect the main plot. Go and have some fun, you can roleplay here without a profile.
238 Comments in 55 Discussions

­ Orion's Hunting Trip!
by Orion
Apr 17, 2016 12:47:47 GMT -6

Sub-boards: Ahnenerbe Cafe, Hall of Rejoicement, Musashi's Haiku Corner, Regular Ordinary Meal Time Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Execution Grounds

If you wish to request a battle with someone, offer your challenge here!
27 Comments in 5 Discussions

­ A clash of swords
by zim1617
Feb 15, 2015 20:57:36 GMT -6

Sub-board: Arena Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­General Discussion

Talk about whatever you want here, keep the spam down or you might become THE ENEMY!
475 Comments in 36 Discussions

­ Fate Grand/Order Servants
by Venets
May 25, 2015 15:55:27 GMT -6

Sub-board: Forum Games Moderators: Tohsaka Rin


Members can feel free to post any sort of "artistic" creativity they wish here.

It has been affectionately dubbed, "Luna's Throne Room".
33 Comments in 13 Discussions

­ HTML Post Template Tester
by Tarry
Aug 5, 2014 22:21:10 GMT -6

Sub-board: Sprite Database Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Test Area

This area is for all and anything destructive and nuclear that you can use as your testing grounds for code, templates, and random snippets of scraps.
83 Comments in 22 Discussions

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