­Akiha's Room

Akiha resides in an elegant set of two rooms; both an impressive living room (complete with a fireplace and lounge suite) and her own bedroom, which primarily houses her fittingly queen-sized bed, along with her similarly grandiose tastes in furniture and decoration.
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­Tohno's Room

Considerably less impressive than the other rooms, Shiki Tohno’s bedroom is one of the house’s guest rooms, with only a regularly sized bed and comparatively more minimalistic decoration compared to the rest of the mansion.
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­Back Yard Garden

Following the Tohno Mansion’s Western influences the mansion has a sizable backyard; a mix of paved paths, marble pillars and pristine bushes, all kept well in check by the resident gardener, Kohaku.
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­Menacing Basement

A strange basement underneath the Tohno Mansion where creepy sounds emanate. Kohaku hangs out down here a lot...I wonder why?
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­Nanaya Forest

A dense, bamboo, forest located to the left of the Tohno Mansion. Inside it is a shack within a small clearing where SHIKI attempted to kill Akiha once and Tohno Shiki received his life-threatening injuries.
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­ Playing with Dolls (Satsuki/Open)
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Tohno Mansion

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The Mystical Black Market [Shops!] by Tohsaka Rin, Jul 4, 2012 15:05:06 GMT -6
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