­Crooked-Sky Ranch

Two long houses outside of a plantation house with a horse barn, stable, and a large shed. The property has fruit trees planted about, cattle and horses roam the valley; giving it the nickname "Sleepy Mountain Ranch"

"Where are the buffalo...?"
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­Hoshi no Jinja (Shrine of the Stars)

The Shrine of the Stars, nestled nicely in the far corners of Miyama, is surrounded on all sides by tall mountains and thick groves of cherry trees. It is said that a kitsune's spirit is enshrined in an old cave beyond.
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­Mizuho Hotsprings Hotel

Home to the Mizuho family, it is a large Japanese style building located half an hour away from the Miyama district of Fuyuki. Rumors say the ghost of the previous owner of these lands still roams the place, and will bless with good health those who pay their respects to him.
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­ The night routine broke
by Makoto
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The Mystical Black Market [Shops!] by Tohsaka Rin, Jul 4, 2012 15:05:06 GMT -6
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Site News [DMCA review and website impersonation] by Tohsaka Rin, Dec 24, 2014 0:36:31 GMT -6
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The Arrival of the White Magus by alexndr, Nov 14, 2011 21:05:40 GMT -6
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