­Haunted House

Something is strange with this place, it has an eerie air about it...

No, Rin does not live here, this house seems genuinely abandoned.
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­ Chores (Aqila/Iskander)
by Deleted
Jul 2, 2014 19:58:31 GMT -6
­Miyama Central Apartment Complex

A large, modern, apartment complex which has recently replaced old houses in Miyama. The old residents are not very fond of it...
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­ Practical Applications
by Deleted
Mar 21, 2013 2:28:05 GMT -6

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Residential Area

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The Mystical Black Market [Shops!] by Tohsaka Rin, Jul 4, 2012 15:05:06 GMT -6
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Site News [DMCA review and website impersonation] by Tohsaka Rin, Dec 24, 2014 0:36:31 GMT -6
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Play-Date-Ground? [Rin] by Tarry, Aug 9, 2014 1:39:44 GMT -6

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Act I, Scene III: In Another Man's Shoes. by Deleted, Jul 12, 2012 22:01:13 GMT -6
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Episode Two: Workshops, Boundary Fields, and War by Feminine Zouken, Jan 10, 2012 18:57:45 GMT -6
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