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Type - Rⁿ/Möbius of Echelon - is subject to the rules proboards has established for it's content and material guidelines, above all other rules that you will find listed below, and will come first and foremost as obligatory standings on how the site is kept activated. In no way shall MoE violate these terms and conditions that will lead to its deactivation.

Each member registering to Type - Rⁿ/Möbius of Echelon are to read, and understand, the rules listed below as our standing conditions that will be followed by all registered participants (and guests) trafficking our website board.

Failure to follow the rules listed below will lead to warning(s) by the site's administration; which also can lead to account termination.

All material used within this website, host servers, or stored data is allowed to be used in, or on, any other media without permission from the website owner. All artwork, literature, and intellectual property created by the owner is subject to legal law and shall not be copied/transferred.

New members are unable to post until they read the rules, they also are unable to view the content to make characters until they post once in the "Welcome Area". This is to help stop people from plagiarizing our material.

Thread Contents:
Website Rules
Account Rules
Roleplay Rules
Website Rules
I. Personal Information
No administrator, or staff, will ask you for your personal information or account information. If a member asks you for any of your personal information please do not give it out.

-- i. This does not include giving out messanger contacts like that of MSN, Skype, AOL, or email address. Giving out this information is up to the disgression of the member and they should not be bullied into giving it out if they do not want to.

II. Member/Community Drama
We do not tolerate members whom intentionally cause "drama" on the site to gain attention for themselves. This usually goes beyond the scope of just "flaming" and "trolling".
(See III. Flaming and Trolling below)

This is often a strategy used by people who feel wronged by their higher-ups or others in the community – yet rather than just explaining the situation to the admins/staff, or the person in question, to try and actually figure out a solution, they attempt to get their way by making a huge fuss of the problem and getting everyone involved. This leads to wasted time all around; and often heated arguments, or similar trouble, if it escalates. No one wishes to deal with this a roleplaying site.

-- i. If you do have a serious issue that you want to voice, tell an admin – they will do their best to help deal with any problems.

III. Flaming/Trolling
-- i. Do not start any (non-rp) fights on or off the board, nor get involved with them. If you see any fights taking place, regardless of the situation, contact a Moderator or Administrator and try to just keep out of it. Everything will be settled as quickly as possible. If this fight is taking place off of the site or on Chatango, but is shown that constant flaming/aggravation is present and on purpose towards said members, Consequences will take place. With this said bullying,hazing or harassment verbal or sexual of other members will not be tolerated at all. This is Zero tolerance.

-- ii. We will not allow members to create wars between websites. This "Faction Behavior" causes multiple problems between not only staff, but the players as well because they do not know what is going on or what site they should belong to. If you are creating a site with a malign purpose to "flame" or "troll" this area and cause disrespect to its players and staff, take their work, or try and cripple the forums you will face temporary (or permanent) ban status. This is Zero tolerance.

-- iii. No power level arguments. There has been too much of this going on with other websites and it gets old. Stop trying to have this 'my guy is more powerful than your guy' complaint. If there happens to be any power level arguments on the forum or in the chatango box, there will be consequences. Discussing who would win in a fight is different than getting into a heated argument which ends up being a flame war saying that a certain character would beat everyone or how a certain character is better than another. The difference is mainly whether or not you're bragging about a character, or being realistic in their abilities. There is also this nifty information that Archer and Rin happen to have from Nasu and the studio team, themselves, ranking their characters with both Offensive and Defensive capabilities against one another. It, in no way, is a complete list... but it puts many of these dumb arguments to rest.

Account Rules
I. Registration
You can only have one account per IP address for a user.
An exception can be made if players have family/friends sharing an IP address from home/work/college. However, if we find out that these are 'mock' accounts we will suspend them. The reason we do this is because the 'fake' accounts mess up our statistics.

-- i. This does not mean you are limited to one character.
(See also: Roleplay Rules: Character Creation)

II. Activity
-- i. Activity - Each player is required to post, and/or reply to posts, in the roleplay sections with your character(s) once every 72 hours.

----- a. If you feel that you cannot reply within 72 hours post in Scheduling section. That area is for schedule issues, vacations, holidays, basically anything that might happen or get in the way with you being active.
----- b. Think about maybe placing the notice on the Calendar if you need to.
----- c. If you do not post within 72 hours in order to keep your character(s) active, and hold their position, staff will give you a warning or ask you to correct this lack of activity.

-- i. Activity Checks - The Activity Check allows us to see what members are available that coming month so that we can set up events, plot, tournaments or anything else with a set quota of participants in mind. Any profile purged by the Activity Checks is deleted upon the start of the new month.

----- a. Activity Checks are roughly every month around from the 20th-31st.
----- b. Each person has 10 days to complete the AC with their character(s) information, in order to keep their character active and hold the position. if they do not, they will be sent an additional notification. If they fail to contact anyone back, or post in scheduling, after two weeks they may be deactivated.

If something comes up, again, please use the Scheduling board linked above.

III. Warnings, Deactivation, Bans
-- a. Warning(s) - A moderator, or administrator, can issue "warnings" through the post system via a module built into proboards. A user can report person(s) posts through a link on the bottom of everyone's threads. We do take these semi-seriously since we do have to read through them and determine if it was a joke or actually needing our attention.

A warning could be any of the following from a moderator.
----- i. Language Abuse
----- ii. Content Abuse
----- iii. User Abuse
----- iv. Registration Abuse
----- v. Behavior Abuse

They are basically moderators, or administrators, trying to get your attention about a particular problem, or conduct issue, that needs to be resolved.
Warning "points" will be issued with the following punishments as listed in this thread.

-- b. Deactivation(s) - The deactivation of a user(s) account could happen for a number of reasons, they are really not anything significant since you can sign right back up with the same account name. Your threads/posts will not be deleted if your account is deactivated by either yourself, or one of the staff.

Deactivation could come from any of the following.
----- i. Failure to attend the Activity Check
----- ii. System Prune
----- iii. Accidental Deactivation by User/Staff (misclick)

If your account is Deactivated, please contact Tohsaka Rin because she can restore your account most the time.

-- c. Ban(s) - Failure to adhere to the rules, behave correctly, or cause problems for both the Staff (as well as the members) can and will result in a Ban... temporary or permanent is decided later with the severity of the issue.
We are pretty lenient, for now, with the minor arguments that may come up from time to time; but if a person cannot control their actions or things they say there will be no hesitation to smite your account.
Bans can happen from any of the following.

----- i. Site-Flaming/Trolling
----- ii. User Flaming/Trolling
----- iii. Not obeying Staff continuously
----- iv. Failure to comply to Rules
----- v. Hacking/Pirating information, images, or the Site itself.
----- vi. Sexual Harassment

Roleplay Rules
I. Posts
-- a. Paragraphs - Every user must post a minimum of seven to twelve lines each time they choose to post as a character.

-- b. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Abbreviation - Don't overlook this, please. No one is 100% the best speller or grammar nazi - even if some of us wish that we were. However, you should be advised that there is this wonderful thing called Spell Check, Dictionary.com and even a wonderful Thesaurus.com link at the bottom of your post area to help break away from the monotony that comes from re-using the same words over and over. We're not perfectionists, but posting gets more and more tiring when people post one line or three and expect a response in return. We also will not tolerate the whole "tldr" crap that some users try and pull in order to get away with bare minimum to their interaction.

-- c. Word Count - There is a button at the bottom of the thread for a reason~

-- d. Fluid Time -We do allow fluid time on this board. The term is one that means you can post in more than one thread. Just be logical in how many threads you make and will be able to handle.

-- e. You cannot start posting unless your character has been approved by the administrators or moderators - unless has been otherwise stated.

-- f. Tags - There are several tags and we advice to use them and read this through good before you do, it might save you from getting into mortal danger. Though just because it says No Death, does not mean not dying is impossible. Here are the tags you can use:

----- i. No Tag Stated- If there is no tag then the thread is open and anything is fair game.
----- ii.[open] - This thread is completely open for everyone to join.
----- iii. [closed] - This thread is closed and no one can join, it goes hand in hand with private training.
----- iv. [private] - This thread is only open for invited people.
----- v. [member name] - This thread is specifically for a member or if multiple names stated, members.
----- vi. [no violence] - This means no one should use violence towards another member in this thread.
----- vii. [no death] - This means you can fight in a thread, but no members should die.
----- viii. [wip] - Work in process. It means that the person starting the thread, or post, has a rough idea of what they want to write up, but may not have the time to fully finish right then and there.

II. Character Creation
-- a. When making a character, please follow the Character Templates we provide. We do not mind if you change it a bit to make it more fancy, but don't use your own template or use one from a different site.

----- i. We do not allow copied data from Type Moon Wiki. If we find that you are simply re-posting information from there we have the rite to turn down the character.
----- ii. We do not allow plagiarism from someone elses profile on another site.
----- iii. We do not allow others to copy information from our sites, or member profiles, for their own use elsewhere without permission by the original author who has created the character profile, or staff who have created the threads.

Now, sometimes we do end up having a problem where a member has had to leave, characters were abandoned, or the player had to go on temporary leave for personal reasons and had to "open" their character up for another person to take over. If this happens the character biography profile will be moved to the Profile Archive until further notice, and a suitable candidate chosen to take over until a designated time when the original member can claim the character again.

If in the event that a player goes on unannounced hiatus, the staff is unable to contact them, or the character is abandoned the profile is still moved to the archive and the availability made for a new player to claim the spot.

When claiming a character spot, you (the player) is responsible for handing in a profile using one of our templates and following the rules necessary when making the character you want to play. The staff, and no other members, are obligated to help you aside from answering questions and giving you ideas. We will not allow copy-pasting profiles from other sites, using templates that do not belong to MoE, copy-pasting information from other sources, or using character profiles others have created in the past on this site (or another) to claim is your own.

If, for any reason, you need to leave for any amount of time, you (the player) is also responsible for making the choice to either abandon the character to someone in the future claiming it, or setting up a suitable replacement. Once you give the character up, and another has taken over, you are not allowed to ask for the character claim back unless they abandon it or find the need to leave as well. You are not allowed to harass them in any form just to try and get the character back that you lost.

In no way, is anyone, allowed to make characters that purposely troll a player, or their character, outside of the storyline just to cause problems.

New members are limited to ONE character. After 32 days, the player can then petition to have an additional character.

-- b. We will not allow people to make characters that are siblings of Canon characters. For instance, You cannot be from the Tohno family unless you are adopted IC-ly by Akiha Tohno herself through some weird, bizarre, circumstance - heck, we wouldn't even let you THINK about it without the person's permission that is playing Akiha at all, nor the staff allowing it. You cannot be related to Arucueid regardless of what happens and so forth. Even though some opportunities will be open through means of interacting with the Canons, they will be judged harshly before being even thinking of being approved.

-- c. Canons - See the rules listed on the linked thread.

----- i. You are allowed no more than two Canons per account. This means you could have one Canon from Fate and one from Tsukihime, or two from Fate, or two from Tsukihime.

-- d. Original Character(s) - See the rules listed on the linked thread.

----- i. You are allowed no more than two OC's per account.

In total, that means you can have up to four characters per registered account. Think you can handle more than that? Contact one of our staff and ask if you can be allowed any other additional characters over that limit.

-- e. Moofs - Regardless of the situation, there will be no Ciel-type characters. The situation the Cannon was put through and how she (Ciel) is technically "Immortal" only came about from Cannon storyline. Anyone caught trying to make a character based off of anything similar will be turned down immediately or receive harsh grading. Anyone thinking they can have any Mystic Eyes of Death Perception(s) will be ignored just as much. A player can have a character that may have a Mystic Eyes technique, just not of Death Perception. That was as Cannon to strictly Shiki and Shiki only. There will be no True Ancestors, they were all hunted down by Arcueid and slaughtered mercilessly. On that note, no exiting carbon copies of exiting characters from other works will be accepted not tolerated this is a Nasuverse based Roleplay. You will follow the rules of the word of "God" Kinoko Nasu when it comes to this work. Creativity is encouraged but desecration will not be tolerated.

----- i. We do not allow characters that try to make loopholes to True Magic or Sorcery.
----- ii. We do not allow copy-cat characters based off of any canon's and their abilities.
----- iii. We do not allow alternate-versions that try to copy any of the True Magics.

This is done strictly as a base rule because no character should ever start out this strong, especially since there are so few magi left in the world. As a dying "breed" there have only been so many legitimate users of True Magic or Sorcery and most of them have already been addressed by name within the works of Type Moon. Modern magi would be completely unable to compete with this level of high thaumaturgy that has almost been long-lost within the Association or even the Noble Families without any permission by staff to work up a character such as this.

The chances of any character gaining Sorcery level are slim to none, the chances of someone going even higher than that to gain True Magic is pretty much not going to happen.

-- f. Pairs - This site allows Canon and OC pairing relationships. That means that if you are an OC and wish to try and date Rin (Rin: Please don't even think about it), you may try to your heart's content, but it does not mean that you'll succeed 100%. This is something that will require patience and skill. Think of it as a dating sim. Trying to obtain someone's affection would be difficult, but not impossible. This is to allow freedom on the board and open up numerous possibilities for what can be unraveled. So don't be shy, go for it! (Rin: Or so the others might try and tell you.)
III. Fights
-- a In-Character Fights - This is a site built off of a standing genre of heavy fighting. If you do not want to take place in a fight, be smart and think about your actions or certain situations that may land you in them. We will not listen to people nit-pick about not wanting to fight with people when the chance of that happening is pretty high - even if you are just in the area and happen to be a casualty. Think of interesting, and innovative, ways to get away... don't play the sappy person that throws a fit because you couldn't think of a way to 'get out' of the situation on your own.

----- i. There is also this nice area called the Objection Board you can use to debate/throw ideas on how to deal with a situation.
----- ii. Be a bit courteous and warn the player, or even ask/set up the situation, with them so that you can hammer out terms and agree on how you want your fight to look, or where it will take place.
----- iii. Reiteration - Make sure to notify/ask/set up said scenario with said person(s).
----- iv. If you are not part of the particular thread this is taking place, don't jump in randomly without asking the people already participating if it is alright with them.

-- b. Out-of-Character Fights - It happens, people get bored and start OOC threads for hypothetical situations or even for training purpose to sharpen up on what a character is capable of before they are thrown into action in an IC thread. Same thing applies as above.

-- c. Tournaments - These normally have their own rules established, so make sure that you pay attention and actually read the thread to see/know them. Failure to do so is not anyone else s fault; aside from your own.

-- d. No meta-gaming is allowed during fights. This means that you know exactly what the opponent is planning without any real insight on this person. This will result in a warning. The same goes for god-modding. God-modding is dodging every attack and automatically being more powerful than the other opponent. For instance, Shirou vs. Berserker. If Shirou was able to dodge every single attack thrown at him and killed Berserker in one slash, as well as block all of them, than it would be labeled as god-modding. In all of Shirou's fights, he never came out of one unscathed. Just as he is human, we expect you to be responsible and fight fairly. The only one that is considered the exception to this rule is Archer.
Please read the rules before doing anything else.

To make sure you have read and understood the rules, place either the phrase "Herbal Lemons", or "Earl Gray", under Signature in your account profile.

Our staff will check for these tags in order to verify that you read them.

On to Getting Started with your account and characters!!

Welcome to Le Cat Box~ Please make sure to follow the rules and be courteous. No spamming, no trolling and no illegal activities!
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