­Hyatt Hotel

The most luxurious hotel in all of Fuyuki City, nestled between the landscape of the industrial park and the green band with a wonderful view of the nearby sea.
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­ Son of a--
by alexndr
May 24, 2012 18:46:52 GMT -6

Sub-board: Room #105 (Floor 1) Moderators: Tohsaka Rin

­Kouhei Private Investigation Agency

This is the building where Masao Kouhei lives and works. Clients come here when they need something to be investigated by him, he lives in the office behind the front desk.
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­Garan no Dou Antiques

This is a small shop in the less populated areas of Shinto's Market. Coupled with its rather solitary location in the shopping area of Shinto, it possesses a particual boundary field that hinders people from randomly finding it. If your destiny draws you to the place, or you possess a particular reason to find it, the shop will be visible to you.
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­Fancy Shop

The name of the biggest stuffed animal store in Shinto.
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Where Shirou works. Run by Neko's father. It is a place of pub/liquor.
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­Neko-Nyan Cafe

A cafe a bit out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the main city. It is a cosplay cafe where many anime fans and manga fans hang out. Also has great desserts and drinks.
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­ Worries lost in the Snow [Saito]
by Tarry
Apr 21, 2014 22:19:56 GMT -6

Shops and Buildings

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The Mystical Black Market [Shops!] by Tohsaka Rin, Jul 4, 2012 15:05:06 GMT -6
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Episode One - The Princess of the Moon by Feminine Zouken, Jan 10, 2012 18:49:06 GMT -6
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